About us

Manthan motivational services is a spiritual and life changing thoughts sessions for those who really have a challenge in life who are trying to change their life better and best then before. And we organize motivational sessions for the people who are in depression of a particular person pet or life obstacles to get a best support and guidance to live a better life then before and change your vibe into positivity and create a very happy world of your own where there will be challenges achievement and proud full thoughts and no any worries.

Why choose us

Free demo session

We organize first free session just to understand people and have good relationship before booking any session which helps people to get to know about our abilities before booking for a paid session.

Training for Instructors

We organize a session for the instructors also who are interested to build their career in motivation and become an instructor who can understand people with their point of view and help them to instruct in right direction.

Meditation and spirituality

Along with the motivation and instructions we conduct an positive spiritual and meditational mentality for the strong mind and balanced Spirituality heart to be connected with universe.

Our Services

Video sessions will be charged 1000$ extra